Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maybe AP should hire these Russian spies

Yes, it was just the other day they covered the cheeseburger date in Arlington between Putin's puppet Medvedev and our President Barack Obama, just a short drive away from the home of a pair of the Russian spies just picked up by the FBI.

Will we have another reset of relations now? And will the AP report it?

...next we'll hear they were going to lose their homes.

Because it's natural for Americans to hate America.

More. TSG:
On Saturday, after Chapman was contacted by an FBI undercover agent posing as a Russian consulate employee, she went to a Verizon store in Brooklyn and purchased a new Motorola cell phone. Apparently concerned that she was being monitored electronically, Chapman used the name "Irine Kutsov" on a customer agreement, which listed her address as "99 Fake Street."
Clearly she had lost her home.

More. TWS on the Russians' calculation.

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