Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Romanoff Shoe Drops, Hits Rahmbo?

AP: Obama Admin Offered Romanoff Job to Get out of Colorado Senate Race

Daniel Foster, NRO:
Unlike Rep. Sestak, Romanoff hasn't answered questions about a potential job offer. But the fact that administration sources are leaking this to the AP tells me they have 1) figured out their legal and rhetorical strategy in the wake of the Sestak memo and 2) are trying to get out in front of this one.
But will it work. Cuz the in your face Blago trial starts tomorrow, the poster child for pay to play.

And Rahmbo, integral to all these offers, just got subpoenaed by Blago today.

P.S. And why did our President Barack Obama come home for BBQ this weekend instead of leading in Louisiana? Could he have been coordinating stories on the eve of the Blago trial?

And this: Obama Should Clear the Air on Romanoff Deal - Denver Post

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