Monday, June 21, 2010

Rahm Traded Favors with Blago: Report

NBC Chicago. While a congressman, Emanuel asked for trades with embattled gov:

The 2006 discussion occured with Blagojevich's top aide, Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk, and doesn't appear to cross legal lines; Emanuel couldn't speed up the distribution of the funds. But it offers a peek at ties between two high-profile Illinois politicians — one now the president's right-hand man, the other facing years in prison if convicted of political corruption.

Discussion of the exchange could come up at Blagojevich's corruption trial, currently under way in Chicago. Blagojevich, who is accused of plotting to profit by selling an appointment to Obama's former Senate seat, also tried later that year to use the school grant in an extortion attempt against Emanuel, according to federal prosecutors.

Rahm might want to take a sabbatical somewhere. During the whitewash after Blago was arrested I think he went on an African safari.

How bout Timbuktu. Probably not a good job market there, though. Maybe they have a ballet.

More. The school grant is discussed in the Blago trial today.

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