Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alexi Hides, Kirk Speaks out on Economy

Alexi's ducking interviews and sneaking off for fundraising in Canada during the Blago trial--he's been subpoenaed, based on conversations he neglected to mention for months. And then there are his own embellishments he doesn't want to have to explain.

CNBC with a pretty fair take on Kirk's military record. And a wide-ranging interview with Kirk (video) primarily on the economy with Fox Chicago.

More. Via Powerline, Financial Times:
In the past few days polls have shown Republican challengers taking the lead over previously safe Democratic incumbents, such as Barbara Boxer in California and Russ Feingold in Wisconsin. Indeed, given the uniformly negative direction in the numbers, it is now quite possible the Republicans could win the Senate seats formerly held by both President Obama in Illinois, and Joe Biden, vice-president, in Delaware. ...

[T]he Grand Old party has a good shot at taking control of both houses of Congress. Worse for Mr Obama, political scientists say that at this stage in the calendar, there is almost nothing he can do about it.

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