Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Big City" NBC Chicago Bashes Tea Party

Well, well, well, it's a "bloodfeast". We Tea Partiers have fangs.

NBC coverage at the Chicago Tea Party was pretty fair, (but I would add that the Arrest Bush guy was being disruptive--he was supposed to stand on the perimeter, which is why the police eventually led him away.) In the beating heart of the Big City. But this Ward Room piece follows this kind of a pattern.

Take a look at the Tea Party in this other town, other bankrupt state:

One of the best recent representations of that old defiant spirit can be found in the past couple of weeks in the Los Angeles suburb of Bell, a poor mostly Latino city of about 37,000, where about 2,000 city residents showed up and forced the resignation of worthless city officials after they learned about the way they had enriched themselves at the expense of city taxpayers. As one Bell resident said after a council member gave a self-serving justification of her $100,000 part-time salary (council members typically earn about $8,000 a year): “You were a crook yesterday, you’re a crook today, and you’ll be a crook tomorrow.”

That’s a simple idea most of us can rally around! The crooks are ripping us off.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you could do some actual reporting around here. Wow what a cool site. So jam-packed with substance.

And as the fangless Peggy Noonan notes, conservatives are not fringe. Nor are independents.

Reagan won Illinois. There are a lot of Reagan Democrats here still who are upset now. Even in the "Big City". There are young people looking for jobs.

And there are lots of Moms and Dads concerned for the future of their children.

P.S. Related. For the record, let's recall:

Liberal blogger Eric Zorn is already attacking presumed GOP candidate for governor Bill Brady as too extreme for Illinois. Given drowning in debt sister state Blue New Jersey just elected a conservative Republican governor, this is a year for fiscal know-how, not social issues, but let's take a quick look.

One issue, the conscience clause. Scott Brown had a similar stance on ER medics and won in Democrat Massachusetts. This kind of clause is also in the Senate healthcare bill. I think extreme is too extreme a word and should be retired. It was in Massachusetts. And spending millions on controversial, experimental (unsuccessful) stem cell research was not a good use of Illinois funds. That was a Blago initiative.

As far as healthcare mandates anyone with any common sense knows that one of the reasons healthcare is unaffordable and prices people out is because of rigid one-size-fits-all policies. Maybe you are in the market for mammograms and pap smears but most people would rather find a policy that suits them.

The most important issue for Illinois is jobs, jobs, jobs. The next one is putting the state's fiscal house in order. Because what good are all those Dem promises and programs if we're stiffing healthcare providers now? And what good is a state that loads debt on the backs of citizens that aren't even born yet to pay for public employees who retire early on our dime? What kind of cheap, posturing morality is that--it's like Blago all over again.

Illinois needs a new day.
P.S. This is on Drudge and Memeorandum. Will Washington's Failures Lead To Second American Revolution? If it does, most of the conventional ("wisdom") media will miss it.

P.P.S. Chicago Daily Observer: Channel 5’s Ward Room Cites Definitive Source on Young Republicans: Channel 5 Ward Room Read it all, but here's a snippet:
We are going to get more stories of Republicans as women-haters and the like. Brady’s recent impressive performance with female voters, has the incumbent media, a long time left-wing adjunct of the Democratic party quivering...
This is why we blog. This is why we are fed up. This is why we don't read or watch the crappy old lying media any more. This is why the Tea Party has such broad-based support and momentum.

Oh yeah. Republicans are women haters. What a fool. Who is attacking women these days.

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pathickey said...

Anne, great call -I saw that precious piece this morning on the NBC Quinn site.

I noted this -

"I am for Pat Quinn and I am outnumbered by my many, many,many neighbors (Democrats all) who are backing Bill Brady.

Articles like this give one the impression that there just might be an Illinois Journolist Lite going on.

Like I said, I am for Pat Quinn but things could change. Mr. McCleland's piece with the Quentin Crisp bon mot could do the trick.

It seems the bigger media pile on the more Democrats begin to smell another Blago Pot Luck in the making - after all the Media were 100% behind that genius."


Anne said...

Thanks Pat.

I really appreciate your take.

This really burns me up.

I wish I didn't even have to read these ignorant supercilious creeps.

pathickey said...

They do amuse, however.