Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Koch: Palin Very Smart, Obama Gets a C

Breitbart video.

The evolution of Ed Koch. Would the former mayor of NYC vote for The One should he run again? Media heads set to explode? Big Journalism.

Tom Bevan, RCP blog, on Mark Halperin's Gracious Exception. Latest polls on our President Barack Obama.

And Mitt Romney weighs in, WaPo op-ed: Obama's worst foreign-policy mistake

Who can see Russia better from their house, hmm MSM?

Meanwhile, our President blindly pursues bizarre "feel good" policies.

The one bright spot is naming Petraeus in Afghanistan.

P.S. Hey Barack, you are no Jack Kennedy.

How's math and science, ingenuity and entrepreneurship doing here, hmm?

P.P.S. Obama Jokes

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