Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New NASA Mission: Explore Multiculti

Newsbusters. "Feel good"?!!!

Somehow I can't get over this. Apparently Iran is veiling their men, of a sort. I suppose that is progress in some minds. 20 degrees of freedom.

Can we lift the veil on dominant Islam, please?

More. The Lonesome Death of Aqsa Parvez

Tarek Fatah: Star disgraces memory of Aqsa Parvez

And this:
Mr. Hussain praised the president for sending Valerie Jarrett, a senior aide, to a session of the shady Islamic Society of North America. He told the Woodrow Wilson International Institute for Scholars in Washington that the United States will support an Islamic effort in the United Nations to "criminalize defamation of religion," i.e., "criticism" of Muslim violations of human rights. "The [Organization for the Islamic Conference] and the Obama administration will work together in the U.N. on the issue of defamation of religion, especially in Europe," he said. Since the U.N. is not notably concerned with criticism of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or Whirling Dervishes, it's clear enough where the U.N. means for this to go.
And the Obama administration. Do we feel good now?

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