Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obama will run against Bush in 2012?

NOT a parody. USA Today:

Both the congressional campaign this year and the 2012 presidential race will feature talk "about the direction that this country is going to go," Gibbs said.

"You're going to get an opportunity to think about whether we're going to go back to what we came from or that we're going to go forward," Gibbs said. "And that's a debate I think the President and many here are anxious to have."

Really? So let's ask an anxious America. Are you better off than you were even a year ago?

I don't think so.

For the first time in his presidency, those who strongly disapprove now significantly outnumber those who strongly approve.

Among those who say they definitely will vote in November, 53 percent disapprove of the way he is handling his responsibilities.

The president's approval ratings reached a new low among whites, at 40 percent, with his positive marks dipping under 50 percent for the first time among white college-educated women.

That group of women is key. And supposedly Joe the Biden is going to be their secret weapon for the fall.

Tax increases and job losses really concentrate people's minds.

They know Bush is not on the ballot.

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Attack Of The Angry Obama HT Doug Ross.


pathickey said...

Why not against Rutherford B. Hayes !

You remember how that man divided America!

Might as well run in place!

Go Barry!

Anne said...