Monday, August 02, 2010

From Stoning to Copacabana?

Brazil offers haven to Iranian woman awaiting death by stoning in adultery case Jihad Watch

Glad President Lula knows where to draw the line on his alliance with Ahmadinejad.

More. On veiled women:
One woman here told me of her humiliation in childhood when her family was ejected from a swimming pool because her mother was veiled. I believed her. All stories of childhood humiliation sound alike and are told in the same way. It was perverse, she said to me, that she should be free to cover her head in an American university but not in a Turkish one. It seemed perverse to me as well. It would to any American; politically, we all descend from men and women persecuted for their faith. I was, I decided, on the side of these women.

But that was when I could still visit the neighborhood of Balat without being called a whore.
More. On Iran. In part:
The use of rape by the regime to pacify the political opposition in the past year sent shockwaves through Iran’s clergy, even though their institutional conservatism and government paychecks have inclined mullahs to avoid discussing the regime’s worst abuses.
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