Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is Alexi in the Lurch?

He's sneaking off to Hollywood lala land, desperate for cash. Core Chicago Dems are not enthused. (I thought his presser yesterday was pathetic.) Is Alexi a loser?

Even OFA Illinois is writing him off:)
United States Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias stopped bye...
Now we hear the DSCC is cutting off the cash. Crain's:
After a City Club of Chicago speech on Monday, Mr. Durbin was asked if Democrats would match the $3.4 million that the National Republican Senatorial Committee last week promised Mr. Kirk. Mr. Durbin replied with a candid "No."
Alexi's campaign says he's not worried. Sure. The Hill picks it up, with polling results from the 19th district.

Even as Illinois is paying half a $$$BILLION more for its debt under state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias' watch, he wants to cut spending---maƱana. That's always the way with Dems, they never take responsibility for anything. As far as Alexi blaming the war for our deficits, get real. Obama and the Dems have taken us over a cliff.

It's no wonder Caterpillar's CEO has endorsed Kirk, Giannoulias has no conception of what's at stake in the global economy and the tax increases he proposes are sure-fire job-killers, the last thing this economy, and Illinois, needs. Washington Times recalls the Obama thuggery in Peoria last year, (it still resonates) and ends with this:
The unemployment rate is 9.5 percent nationally and 10.3 percent in Illinois
To cap it off, pollsters are starting to shift the race to Kirk--Stuart Rothenberg gives him the nod in Chicago Magazine.

Enjoy the Hollywood Party, Alexi. That's more your style. Related post: Graphing the Gap: GOP Historic 10 Pts Up

More. Kirk statement:

Kirk Statement Regarding Alexi Giannoulias’ Remarks

Northbrook, Ill. – Kirk spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski released the following statement regarding Alexi Giannoulias’ speech and his work on the economy:

"Taking fiscal advice from the guy whose bank collapsed and cost the FDIC $394 million is akin to taking advice from Rod Blagojevich on ethics. As the state teeters on the edge of bankruptcy, the people of Illinois don't need a lecture on fiscal restraint by the state's treasurer."

Kirk v. Giannoulias on Fiscal Responsibility

The Head-to-Head

On the $787 billion Stimulus:
Kirk voted no
Giannoulias not only supported it, he said it should have been even bigger

On the Trillion Dollar Health Care Bill:
Kirk voted no, twice
Giannoulias supported

On Taking Repaid TARP Funds Away from Debt Reduction:
Kirk opposed
Giannoulias supported

The Kirk Record

Mark Kirk cosponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution

Mark Kirk supports the line item veto

Mark Kirk was the first member of the Appropriations Committee to reject earmark spending (Chicago Tribune, March 14, 2008)

Mark Kirk led the charge against Alaska’s Bridge to Nowhere

The Giannoulias Record

Being broke costs state $550 million
Chicago Sun-Times; August 30, 2010

'Our state is $120.6 billion short!'
Chicago Sun-Times; August 23, 2010

Illinois Readies $900M Debt Sale Amid Worst Fiscal Woes Ever
Dow Jones; July 9, 2010

Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can’t Stop Digging Hole
New York Times; July 2, 2010

Illinois deep in debt, doesn’t pay bills
Associated Press; May 13, 2010

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