Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Phony Alexi, "Chairs" "Charity"?

TWS: Giannoulias's Embellishment, Cont. The resume-padding seems to have started long ago.

Look at the dollar amounts. Pitiful. Only generous with other people's money. Typical Dem.

Remember, this guy pulled out a big salary at Broadway gone bust and got a million or two in dividends before taxpayers had to bail it out.

...Oh, and he used Bright Start proceeds to buy a state SUV which he commandeered for his personal use--when he could obviously well afford to foot the bill for his own--like some other Illinois slimeballs who feel entitled to put their hands in our wallets. While the state is going bankrupt.

More. Another resume inflation: Giannoulias corrects campaign Web site to reflect role in banking group

Time for this song again:

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oldgraymare said...

Kirk's padded resume hurts only Kirk. He probably didn't even write it himself or look at it that closely. I worked in the graphics department of a large hospital years ago and had to update the resume of the hospital's administrator on a regular basis who seldom even saw it. The thing was a dozen or more pages long. Giannoulias, on the other hand, hurt other people, especially with his inept handling of the Bright Start program. Big difference, the way I see it.