Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WLS Chicago Callers Mad as Hell

On the Chicago O'Hare terror scare.

They drop the charges against the USS Kohl bombers.

Did they drop the charges against the SEALS?

They prosecute Blago but still no trial date for the 9/11 terrorists?

...This is from me--can we put the Thomson for terrorists prison to rest for good? Sen. Durbin? You FOOL. Gov. Quinn. You FOOL.

More. Hillbuzz, on the TSA clowns in Chicago. HotAir. Via Memeorandum. I fly through Fargo and O'Hare quite a bit. Fargo is much tougher.

More. And this is really disturbing. Chicago Sun Times (emphasis mine):
The two were on a flight that originated at O’Hare and were arrested upon landing in Amsterdam, Chicago FBI spokesman Ross Rice told the Chicago Sun-Times. The Chicago FBI office is assisting Dutch authorities with the investigation, but the men are not expected to be charged domestically, Rice said. The men’s names were believed not to be on a no-fly list.
And another question arises. Were they testing whether they could detonate luggage with a cellphone on one plane while traveling in another?

More. CBS2. Contrary to previous reports, this other guy doesn't sound innocent either:
Hezem Abdullah Thabi al Murisi was also aboard the flight from O'Hare to Amsterdam and had the same itinerary for flights and had made the same itinerary changes.
But will we ever know? Will AG Americans are cowards Eric Holder read these guys their Miranda rights ASAP?

More. Chicago FBI Special Agent Rice is on now with Don and Roma:

He's clarifying--"No charges have been filed domestically at this time".

More from the CBS story:
Meanwhile, FBI agents on Monday visited the Detroit neighborhood where several addresses were found for variations of al Soofi's name, according to neighbors who declined to give their names to The Associated Press.

Al Soofi's brother, Murad al Soofi, told the Detroit News his brother moved to Michigan from Yemen in 1997. He told the newspaper al Soofi has a wife and five children in Yemen.

Both al Soofi and al Murisi had also previously lived and worked in Dearborn, Mich., and their families were prominent in the Yemeni-American community there, Imad Hamad of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee told the Detroit News.

Al Soofi moved to Tuscaloosa, Ala., earlier this year, after he lost jobs in Detroit and the suburb of Monroe, his brother told the Detroit News. Murad al Soofi told the newspaper his brother had been flying to Yemen to visit his family, but didn't have an explanation of why he wanted to change flights at O'Hare, the newspaper reported.
If someone doesn't have their family with them here, that's suspicious.

...Special Agent Rice says Chicago has one of the largest terrorism investigation operations in the country and we've had a lot of terror cases lately.

More. ABC7Chicago Chuck Goudie, excellent report:

...What's in Alabama? The third major case this month?!!! ...As Goudie points out, it's been 9 years since Sept. 11th--those terrorists were doing dry runs the summer before. The Alabama-Chicago connection.

And then there's all that lovely meeting activity in Chicago this summer again. Just an economic conference or something. (At least local ABC is awake)

...I see Hizb-ut-Tahrir has removed the creepy videos from YouTube. Oh, I found 2009. Even creepier.

More. #4 Google Blog story today:
Chicago-Amsterdam Flight Terror ArrestUS
BackyardConservative - The men were arrested at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on Monday. One US official said it appears the Dutch were not asked to hold either man but were instead notified of the odd behavior and apparently decided on their own to detain them.all 54 blogs »

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