Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kirk Could Kill the Dems' Lame Duck

Will the special election opportunity for Kirk to get in early "electrify his base"? Well, it might keep our electricity rates from killing us financially. Kirk listened to Tea Partiers after his initial vote on Cap & Trade in the House and vowed to vote against it in the Senate, should he be elected. Coal-powered, debt-ridden Illinois would be brought to its knees if that monstrosity passed--the wrong-headed measure would pretty much finish us off:
Among the major items being considered are card check, budget-balancing through major tax hikes, and climate-change legislation involving heavy carbon taxes and regulation.
Kirk's vote today against public sector pork politics as usual gives the base more confidence though:
In a prepared statement his campaign released after the vote, Kirk said the legislation added “$16 billion in new Medicaid spending and levied another $9 billion in new, permanent tax increases.”

“Illinois is suffering the consequences of our state’s failed leadership. These failures put the federal government in a difficult situation. When I returned to Washington for this special session, I read (the bill) and found it spent more, taxed more and borrowed more than any of the past bills I supported,” Kirk said in the statement. He added that the Congressional Budget Office state the bill added $12 billion to the federal deficit.
It's NOT deficit neutral.

Should he win it could give a real shot in the arm to We the People power, much as Republican Sen. Scott Brown's election in Blue State Massachusetts shocked Democrats. Dem leaders thumbed their noses at voters and went on to thug ObamaCare through by manipulating Reconciliation budget rules to pass major policy--but this year they haven't even passed a budget, (even as they continue to spend recklessly.) So perhaps they'll be SOOL with their lame duck gambit.

Let them eat crow.

Remember in November.

P.S. Kirk foreign policy speech, at the Chicago Council of Foreign Affairs. Video excerpt.

More on the state of the race. HotAir with the American Crossroads polling results (which used the same pollster and survey methods as the liberal NPR recently:
The Republican candidate leads on the ballot 47%-39% across the 13 Battleground Senate states. The lead is 45%-37% in the Republican-held states (Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Ohio), and 47%-40% in Democratic-held states (Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and
Washington). [snip]

Independents are voting Republican by 47%-25% across the Battleground states.
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