Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lame those Dem Ducks

Quack back. We tried to stop 'em with Scott Brown but they fiddled with the rules to shove major policy through under budget Reconciliation. Now they don't even have the guts to pass a budget so they can't even claim that as a fig leaf this time. Gutless Dem Ducks with no fig leaf. Yuck.

Lame those Dem Ducks.

In Illinois, we can vote Kirk. As he notes, it'll be legal to vote twice for your Senator this fall. Thanks to Blago, Tricky Dick Durbin and the rest of the Illinois Dems who refused to hold a special election. Mark Thiessen, WaPo (via RCP):
But the most likely scenario -- since Congress has not yet approved any regular appropriations bills -- is that a lame-duck session would be used to pass a massive, earmark-laden omnibus spending bill.
The Dems will probably have read this one--they love those earmarks.

At least some GOP moderates running for office are in tune with independents--fiscal issues are paramount. Bailout after bailout on our backs are making us mad. Enough of the big spending!

We need big government to get out of the way so we can create jobs.

Lame those Dem Ducks.

Remember in November.

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