Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Couric Contempt for Palin in the Raw (Video)

I'm sure Gov. Palin felt that sneering mean girl contempt barely veiled by the perky Katic Couric as she faced her for that infamous interview.

It's always been clear to me Palin responded to the question about what she read as Katie really asking whether she could barely read.

Of course when Katie gets off the script she disgraces herself.EXPLOSIVE: New Video of Couric Mocking Palin on the Day She was Named as McCain's Running Mate! (And even when she's on.)

I still remember Couric's dismay when Palin finally brought her daughter Willow along after the initial taping. At least Katie had the decency not to be nasty about her name in front of Willow herself.

And how are these kids' names different from, say, Chelsea. Or Malia. (And how about grown-up names like Tipper)

But you know, it's the liberal ruling class. Thugs with PC smiley faces and with money, much of it ours, and connections.

At least Katie hasn't gone to work for the Obama administration as many other journalists and JournoLists have. Not officially.

HT Memeorandum

P.S. Remember Camille Paglia: "Katie Couric's dippy narcissism".

And The Hill on those names.

More. Doesn't this describe Couric to a T:
the stupendous folly, the conspicuous malice, the selfish childishness, the sneering mendacity which struts around us wearing the label of "liberal" or "progressive" an article on The Autumn of the Left and their small numbers, according to Gallup. Perhaps that's why Katie's ratings are so low.

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