Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The table of empty chairs for The One's birthday party

John Kass sets the scene:

And nothing says "let's party!" like a political fundraiser. Obama will headline one Thursday for his beleaguered basketball buddy, Alexi Giannoulias, who is campaigning as a Democrat for Obama's old Senate seat.

Naturally, all the guests will applaud when Obama gives Alexi a big hug, smiles and says, "My man."

But who are the guys behind the guys who won't be there to soak up the recognition? Shouldn't there be table of empty chairs, to silently honor those who are otherwise indisposed?

I'm guessing that Tony Rezko, the president's benefactor, friend and personal real estate fairy, would love to attend.

Read on.

And we still don't know who is Client 10.

Michelle won't be there either. Poooor Barack. Cheer him up. Choose your card.Blago has some time on his hands. You two shared Rezko's services. Why not share some of your cake?

P.S. Perhaps Blago would bring a tasteful gift or two, you know, like a set of his speeches, or even a tribute:

Over on Facebook, three entrepreneurs are having better luck with their $20 Blagojevich "Hope" T-shirts. In just a month, Zach Ray, David Cifonelli and Greg Carlstedt said they have sold about 100 shirts, modeled after the famous Obama tees, with the word "hope" under the face of the former governor.

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