Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dem Meme is Wrong...for America

For years we heard the Dem mantra: MMEE (Medicare, Medicaid, Education and the Environment). Oh, and the scary GOP is going to take away your social security. WSJ:
Democrats are trying to keep control of Congress by scaring the wig off grandma with a phantom GOP plot against Social Security. That is not news. Social Security scare tactics have been regular campaign themes since FDR. President Obama's unique contribution is to do this even as he's begging Republicans to help him reduce the deficit and reform entitlement spending.
This is what they're using in their first big buy against an upstart Republican in Wisconsin. They don't even dare talk about the economy directly. The stimulus has failed and people are well aware of the puny private sector job creation. Not surprisingly, back to school shopping is a bust, as consumers conserve their resources.

Education has pretty much fallen off the radar, and the environment really only interests a shrinking number of greenies. (Not a winning issue, even in Obama's home state for the Obama Senate seat.)

But what's the (GOP) elephant in the room--or should we say, Dem monster?

ObamaCare. Jay Cost, RCP. The Dem meme is wrong.

Byron York, DC Examiner, looks at the remarkable swing away from Democrats on issue after issue.

The latest election results point toward a November slaughter for Dems. Grandma is on the warpath too.

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Lake County Right to Life said...

Gramma better be on the warpath. The new healthcare bill will eliminate her if she's not. Death panels are already set up. The medical profession will be operating under protocol very shortly. Gramma better get her licks in while she can. If Gramma did not speak out against abortion, she better not be silent on euthanasia, it's a comin. On the education matter, maybe we better go back to the 3 Rs, reading, riting and rithmetic, rather than all the well funded social programs that have led to our illiteracy.