Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dems Stare into the ObamaCare Maw

Not a pretty picture. No wonder Dems are shying away from the ObamaCare monster they helped create. Jay Cost, RCP: Health Law Has Endangered the Dem Majority

Free (the creepy) Dr. Donald Berwick!!! Where is the ObamaCare rationed care guru? The Physicians' Council for Responsible Reform has invited the Harvard prof with the hots for British healthcare to clear the air--after all, the President appointed him during a short Congressional recess with no hearings and no debate.

Here's one physician willing to speak out--North Shore pediatrician Dr. Arie Friedman. Dr. Friedman entered the public arena in the 10th congressional Republican primary, and blogs at Sore Throats and Stuffy Noses and Broken Medicine! Here's Dr. Friedman's concern: Let's be clear, because the Obama administration isn't being truthful. We have to repeal this abomination.

Another doctor takes to the Op-Ed pages of the WSJ, with a plea: Dear Patients: Vote to Repeal ObamaCare. Don't believe Democrats who promise to fix the bill once they're re-elected.


Quite Rightly said...

When was the last time you heard anyone repeat the Dem mantra of last summer, "Health care is a human right"?

It was nothing but political flim-flammery, but many, many people fell for it.

I don't hear them apologizing yet.

Anne said...

Yeah. We can hold our breaths until we're dead before they'll apologize.