Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get your revolutionary lemonade with a twist of terror

Michael Yon is in Afghanistan again where we are helping open a school for girls, despite attacks.

Back home, naive or otherwise lefties, among them educators, an SEIU union steward, community organizers and the executive director of the Arab American Action Network (where is Fatima Mohammadi) are the subject of an FBI raid in the Twin Cities and Chicago [story has since been updated]:
As news of the raid spread around the neighborhood, friends and fellow activists gathered outside the house and several sang John Lennon's, "Give Peace a Chance."

"These people have been activists all their lives," said Bob Hearst, who said he was a family friend. "I can't imagine why the FBI would have any interest in them."

Power said that the couple has been active in a variety of causes, including pro-union activism.

From outside the couple's home, there was little sign of their political activism. A plaque embedded by the front door included a pitch for an online store, "Revolutionary Lemonade Stand," with the couple's address listed as the contact. Among the items sold on the website are shirts that say, "Help Wanted Revolutionaries" and a sign that reads, "Neighborhood Watch Against Police Brutality."
Chicago is hopping these days.

At the UN Iranian President Ahmadinejad may finally have gone too far, suggesting 9/11 was an inside job. Our president Barack Obama huffed and puffed.

The Ahmadinejad parallel universe.

When will the not so revolutionary Kool-Aid drinkers figure out what's at stake?

Some thoughtful words from an Egyptian scholar in Germany. Is Islam about to collapse?

We can't count on it. Those Muslims who only wish to live in peace are being terrorized even as we are by the sharia supremacists who dominate most Muslim countries.

More. Pat Hickey: F.B.I. Terror Suspects -The Professor and SEIU -Get Cover From Supine Media Before Investigation Complete.

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