Thursday, September 23, 2010

Naive, yes, but subject of digital brownshirt threats?

I saw this briefly in the Trib today. A neighbor of Barack in Hyde Park, (in a similar income category as the Obamas when they lived there, which Michelle complained about, as one commenter points out. Bill Ayers [ ] and Bernardine are probably rich too). A prof at the U of C law school, not the B school. I initially wondered if he was an Obama voter. He may have been--lots of people were snookered by the post-partisan patina.

Legal Insurrection. Instapundit.

The vicious ad hominem swarm of the left.

A couple simple points. People with two incomes in urban areas can be pushed pretty fast into pretty high levels--take two New Trier High School teachers (union) for that matter.

And we know the rich rich shelter their income bigtime. They can afford to.

P.S. This calls to mind a conversation I wanted to have but bit my tongue about, forced to listen to a New Trier teacher some years ago. The Doctor Tax.

The prof has a point. (Well, maybe not for him, but for his wife:)

P.P.S. At least he works for a private institution and isn't engaging in un-PC (or is it PC) behavior on the job: Bailed Out Union Auto Workers Busted Boozing, Smoking Weed

...OK, one more thought. Jesse Jackson would probably defend this professor for a price--he's made a good living in this town doing that...come to think of it, that's how Michelle got her big income boost...but sadly, Jesse Jr. has too high a profile these days, the whole family has to lay low.

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