Tuesday, September 07, 2010

That dog won't hunt

This is what we get from our president. Self-indulgent, bizarre talk while we look at this reality:
According to the Labor Department, only 47.6% of people ages 16 to 24 had jobs in August, the lowest level since the government began keeping track in 1948.
It's not only an issue in Wisconsin, but in Illinois and all over the country. Boomers can't afford to retire and new entrants may be left high and dry. Higher taxes are coming. On the middle class.

You can't blame this on the previous administration Mr. President. That dog won't hunt.

We've had a Dem Congress since 2006--which you were part of, and it's your policies that haven't borne fruit--it's your economy now. TRILLIONS spent and for what.

Not so many Barking for Barack these days. People have recoiled.

...And since the Obama administration's chief media apologist on the economy is harking back to the FDR era, let's look at this:e21 Commentary: A Response to Paul Krugman’s Depiction of 1937 (Amity Shlaes e21 Exclusive)
The real question is not how war spending ended the Depression. It is why the Depression lasted so long. Spending, in any case, didn’t have much to do with the Depression’s end.
STOP whining, Barack. STOP the SPENDING.

cnsnews_com Krauthammer on Obama's Latest 6 Year Stimulus Plan: "Even Lenin Stopped at Five" http://ow.ly/2AIPc (h/t @eyeblasttv)

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