Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mayor Daley to Retire. Sharks!!!

CBS2 Chicago. Shark sightings soon in Lake Michigan, (via Pundit & Pundette)

Some of Rahmbo's rivals are wounded, like Jesse Jr. after the Blago trial. DC is a bloody mess and his House is about to sink under the GOP wave, so Chicago may look better, stressed out or not.

More. Chicago Breaking News:
The mayor's administration has been buffeted by a spate of summer violence, a weak economy and a high-profile failure to land the 2016 Olympics. Dissatisfaction abounds, the survey found, over Daley's handling of the crime problem, his efforts to rein in government corruption and his backing of a controversial long-term parking meter system lease.
We could have done worse but I can't think anyone else will be an improvement either.

More. Rahmbo statement.

...Gossip at WLS radio that an independent businessman may run. ...Of course, they have no names. (Are there any independent businessmen in Chicago?)

AnnaTarkov @OzzieGuillen I hope so too Ozzman :)
Ozzie for Mayor!!!

ColonelTribune RT @JamesJanega: Share your Top 10 Daley moments, #TribNation: http://bit.ly/bXVwBN Number 10: Meigs Field takeover
More sharks from the waaaay left:
mattklewis RT @benpolitico: Progressive group will oppose mayoral bid: Rahm 'a cancer on the Democratic Party' http://is.gd/eZEfU
Meanwhile Michelle and friends are dancing in the White House.
amandacarpenter Did you know Michelle Obama is launching a White House Dance Series? Livestreaming now http://bit.ly/19NzSg
No love lost there.

More. Memeorandum.
The Fix:
A senior Obama Administration official said Emanuel is likely to run for the post. "I'd be shocked if he doesn't run," the official said.
Of course he's going to run. He can abandon the shark mystique. Finally he'll be top dog. He likes the idea. Anything to say, Barack?

I mean, who's more powerful in the long run--president or mayor of Chicago.

More. Chicago News Bench:
A must-read, this hard-hitting letter was posted by Paul Huebl on Sept. 2 - before Mayor Daley announced he would not run again. Still, Daley's successor and the entire City Council, not to mention every rational citizen of Chicago, needs to read this:
An Open Letter to Mayor Richard M. Daley: "Dear Mayor Daley: I was born and raised in Chicago. Your father was an honorable and good Mayor that deserved my vote. Unfortunately... You have turned over the streets to armed criminals. That’s because you left the law-abiding defenseless by violating their Civil Rights to protect themselves under the Second Amendment. Cops always used department provided ammunition to qualify on a firing range four times per year. If they had to shoot extra ammunition to qualify that was also provided. Now you have police qualifying only once per year with a measly 30 rounds. That endangers the police and public. Additionally it creates liability issues potentially costing many millions of dollars."Read the full post at Crime, Guns and Videotape...

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