Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Alexi Bails on Debate?!!


What, no story that will stick, Alexi?

Oh, yeah, camera shy. No good explanation on your role as Treasurer of Illinois, Alexi?

No coherent message for why you should represent us in the U.S. Senate? Hmm?

All too believable this guy is a no show. When has he ever been accountable on anything? Dissing a Dem Brahmin from Des Moines (former political guru at the Register who vetted presidential candidates for breakfast. Probably made Alexi break out in another sweat) now at the sainted Dem Paul Simon Center. omg, the shame:

Yepsen, who was to be a questioner during the debate, said it was unfortunate that Southern Illinoisans would not have a chance to see their U.S. Senate candidates make their cases locally.

"I had hoped people would get a chance to see the candidates debate," he said. "One of the things the U.S. senator does is debate and I thought it'd be helpful for people to see what their skills were."

Well, yes. Or lack of them.

More. Video of Trib interview up now. RCP polls here. Still tight but Alexi may have lost what little momentum he had with his tell us one thing tell the IRS another--and this will just make it worse--wow--Isolated audio of this Alexi disaster: WLS Chicago. Alexi duffs interview on federal spending.

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