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Alexi wants to take a shot at Kirk

Oh yeah.

Alexi thinks this is his big score:
Alexi for Illinois
THE BIG QUESTIONS: Yes or No, Congressman Kirk. Were you shot at? Yes or No, would you vote for Act?
Because this is what 10% unemployment Illinois is concerned about. With big state and federal taxes looming and state bankruptcy.

Stephanopoulos big question:
The Opportunity
Moron. RT @: Actual debate question from George Stephanopoulos: Does Anita Hill owe Clarence Thomas an apology?
Reaction from normal people:
RT @: Holy Crap! Obama even has a negative approval in

RT @: IL soldiers don't get ballots. Prisoners get theirs hand delivered. I hate this state.

Giannoulias: "What is this Chicago corruption you speak of?" Wow.
And still top tweet:
Amber Marchand
CT's Front Page: Inside Bright Start Fund's Flameout @
Nice try Alexi.

You know, Alexi cracks me up. His bank is the recipient of a bailout for $394 million, funded by taxpayers, and he got a hefty $2.7 million tax credit as a result. He wants to go to Washington to raise your taxes.

And he says he's fighting for YOU.

: That's the "ultimate irony...your entire campaign is about my career."
More. From the Kirk campaign:

Giannoulias Claim: Alexi Giannoulias claimed that he would not be a rubber stamp for the Democrats in Congress

Fact: According to the Chicago Tribune in an editorial endorsing Mark Kirk: “But neither does [Giannoulias] pretend to be independent of party orthodoxy, from health care regulation to tax hikes to Big Labor's beloved "card check." Ask Giannoulias what federal spending bill of the last two years he would have opposed and, after some painful-to-watch evasion, he cannot name one. Ask him where he most strenuously disagrees with his party's policies and watch his intellectual gears grind as he grasps for anything controversial on which he disagrees at all.


Giannoulias against TARP before he was for it

Tribune editorial board, 10/04/2010

Giannoulias: Well I would’ve pushed hard for some requirements that money get lent out [inaudible] given to wall street banks, that we increase access to capital –

Tribune: The congressman voted for TARP. Would you have voted for TARP as it was presented in the House?

Giannoulias: I would’ve pushed hard, if I had no choice, I think it was a necessary vote to avoid –

Tribune: So we still haven’t heard an answer. There’s no answer.


Giannoulias Claim: Alexi Giannoulias claimed tonight that he does not take money from special interests

Fact: Alexi Giannoulias has taken over $100,000 from Illinois state lobbyists, with $31,976 of the total coming from lobbyists who lobby Giannoulias’ office.

Fact: Alexi Giannoulias has taken $186,000 from union PACs.

Fact: Alexi Giannoulias secretly travelled to Canada to raise money at a trial lawyers conference.


Alexi Giannoulias still can’t name a single spending cut

Alexi Giannoulias was asked by the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board to name spending bills he would have voted against. He was not able to do so. The Chicago Tribune said: “ask Giannoulias what federal spending bill of the last two years he would have opposed and, after some painful-to-watch evasion, he cannot name one.”

Giannoulias was given another chance by Andy Shaw tonight to name specific spending cuts he would support to get our deficit under control. Giannoulias claimed he could name four. In reality, none of Giannoulias’ four “spending cuts” are actually spending cuts.

Giannoulias “spending cut”: “We need to immediately do everything we can to promote economic growth”

Fact: Economic growth is not a spending cut

Giannoulias “spending cut”: “The second thing we need to do is enact PAYGO legislation”

Fact: PAYGO is not a specific cut, and it has already been enacted.

Giannoulias “spending cut”: “The third thing we need to do is let tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans expire”

Fact: This is a tax increase.

Giannoulias “spending cut”: “The fourth thing we need to do is when the deficit commission comes back with their report in December we need to, in a bipartisan manner, and take a long hard look at some very difficult decisions that we’ll have to make.

Fact: This is not a specific spending cut.

Kirk Campaign Statement Regarding Tonight’s Debate

The Kirk for Senate campaign released the following statement regarding tonight’s Illinois Senate debate:

“Tonight, Mark Kirk showed the people of Illinois why he is the best candidate to create jobs and turn our economy around. While Kirk discussed his vision to tax less, spend less and borrow less, Alexi Giannoulias demonstrated his support for the same Washington tax-and-spend policies we can’t afford, and he refused to take responsibility for his reckless actions with other people’s money including losing millions in the Bright Start college savings.”


From earlier:

Probably? Full Extent? Give Us a Break!

“Giannoulias acknowledged he ‘probably’ met with Giorango on a trip to Miami to inspect property involved in a loan application.”– Associated Press, 10/18/10

“I didn't know the extent of their activity." – Alexi Giannoulias, 10/10/10

During an interview yesterday with the Associated Press, Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias said he probably met with convicted mobster Michael “Jaws” Giorango when he visited a Giorango property in Miami a few years ago.


Wouldn’t you remember whether you met with a mobster with known convictions for prostitution promotion, bookmaking and tax violations?

The latest Giannoulias comment comes less than 10 days since the candidate said he “didn’t know the extent” of the criminal activity of the mobsters who received loans from Broadway Bank.

The comment also raises new inconsistencies in Giannoulias’ ever-changing story about his involvement in loans to felons. In April 2006, Giannoulias definitively said that he met with Giorango in Miami: “Giannoulias said he traveled to Miami ‘about a year or two ago’ to inspect property the bank had financed for Giorango and met with him there. Giannoulias declined to provide details of that meeting.”

Key Questions for Alexi Giannoulias

  • Why is Alexi Giannoulias suddenly changing his story on whether he met Michael “Jaws” Giorango in Miami?

  • When did he go to Miami and when did he return?

  • Where did he stay during his visit?

  • What did Alexi and “Jaws” talk about?

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