Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alexi Operative Trolling for Vet to Smear Kirk

The Weekly Standard: Senate Candidate Who Never Served Caught Recruiting Veterans to Smear Veteran Opponent. Has Giannoulias finally crossed the line?

Dem blogger Ellen sharing the screen shot with her co-blogger:
Carl Nyberg Anybody know an Iraq War veteran who wants to be in a TV commercial slamming Mark Kirk?
Just your usual Dem casting call. Good luck. TWS:

As Giannoulias will probably find, it’s hard to find veterans to trash another veteran. Kirk’s 2008 opponent, Dan Seals, had to find a 9/11 truther from Peoria to do it.

I remember that.

Well, we know Alexi can't take on this role himself. He'd be a total liar. Oh wait.

The Weekly Standard goes through Kirk's stellar record, which he has released in its entirety.

I still remember the week after 9/11 when Kirk came back to the district. His Navy Intel unit had sustained a direct hit and his colleagues were dead. As a congressman, he'd been meeting in another sector of the building.

Well, I got tears in my eyes. I remember too a Christmas soon after that my daughter's choral group sang for a benefit for military families who had lost loved ones--Kirk worked to organize that.

Mark Kirk has served without pay in the reserves, dedicating many weekends and Congressional recesses to serve his country, at home and overseas.

He has put his life on the line many times.

...All this while Alexi and Dems are working to suppress the military vote in Illinois.

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HT Bill Baar.

More. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, campaigning for Alexi, calls conservatives haters. Audio. Oh, and Sen. Durbin is also on with this novel campaign approach, attacking voters. Chicago Daily Observer.

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