Monday, October 04, 2010

Dold Shows Record Q3 Numbers, Illinois 10th

From Dold for Congress:

Dold Sets Fundraising Record

Winnetka, IL – Today, 10th District Congressional Candidate Robert Dold announced a record fundraising quarter of well over $800,000, more than 70 percent increase from second quarter totals. Dold will file exact numbers with the Federal Election Committee before the October 15 deadline.

This year Dold has raised $513,000 in the first quarter, $578,000 in the second quarter and more than $800,000 in the third quarter.

“These donations reflect the voices of our supporters who are growing in number each day,” said Dold. “You can see the increasing support in many ways: a growing volunteer base, record fundraising and more Facebook friends.”

Dold continued, “More and more people are showing their support for the message that we need to change direction in Washington to cut spending and to foster an environment that will allow small businesses to grow and get people back to work.”

Wonder how Seals is doing. He's not putting out press releases on the subject. Can he keep up the pace?

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