Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Dems are warning everyone off their plantation

Last week he had a couple of surrogates do the dirty work. Then came his disastrous Jaws Giorango debate with more evasions and the Trib front page story on his continued obvious lies on the Bright Start college fund losses. Now Dem Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias is spouting the slime himself. ABC7: Giannoulias: Kirk program "reeks of racism"

The Dem plantation owners are warning everyone off their plantation.

They tried to knock Republican Cedra Crenshaw off the ballot. Now they're trying to disenfranchise Illinois voters.

This issue of military ballots is real: Illinois Elections Officials Caught Lying About Military Ballots

As are documented cases of vote fraud in East St. Louis in particular, leading to convictions and further indictments. St. Clair County, home of Scott Air Force base.

As for vote fraud in Chicago, well...

Just over the border in Wisconsin a former ACORN worker just pleaded guilty to voter fraud.

Related: 14 Black Republicans Vie for Congress One of them is the Rev. Isaac Hayes, running against the corrupt Jesse Jackson Jr.

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