Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Challenge to Chicago ObamaRahmbo PC Media:)

The latest in the continuing saga, challenging the ObamaRahmbo tame Windy City media. Hot damn:)


This morning William J. Kelly was live in studio to respond to Amy Jacobson's defense of Jay Levine. Jay Levine now has a warrant out for his arrest and a court date set for November 19th.

The interview with William Kelly starts at minute 21:45

William Kelly also announces that he will challenge Rahm Emanuel's petitions and his residency in the city of Chicago. To contribute to this effort and keep Rahm Emanuel off the ballot for mayor, donate via PayPal here:

...You know WIND has been a friend of conservatives in Illinois.

This is new hostility. This is going to turn a lot of people off of this station.

...Kelly is unorthodox, but he has consistently asked the questions that needed to be asked, and been an advocate for free speech and transparency. He grew up as a conservative in Chicago and he's earned his stripes in the battle.

His Washington Times column here.

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