Friday, November 12, 2010

Dem Bumper Cars

Senate Dems (anonymously naturally) throw Obama under the bus.

And The One runs into a car that's too Korea.

HT Ruby Slippers

Hit broadside. Dem center left pollsters go public in the WaPo, agitating for a one-term full stop.

Sorry, he'll keep lurching left. If he can.

Bumper cars

...When Rahmbo left DC they were ramming him--now that the president's out of the country...

I wonder. Are they still enamored in Seattle? P.S. Did President Obama turn full circle in India?

How bout watch the bumper cars again--especially that bit at the beginning.

P.P.S. $27 light bulbs? As Oscar would say to Felix--that's either very new cheese or very old meat. Bada bump.

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