Friday, November 05, 2010

Carol "Mostly Fraud" Bashes Rahm in Mayoral Bid

Piling on with the Chicago Way crowd that surrounds the president in DC (Valerie Jarrett, is that you?) the former one-term Senator and one-time Dem presidential candidate lashes out at Rahmbo.

Did Rahm say you never want a serious crisis go to waste? Yes. But is Rahmbo primarily responsible for the Dem debacle? I don't think so. He was their majority maker with his Blue Dogs--who lost bigtime Tuesday for endorsing the Obama-Pelosi agenda. There was outright slaughter in Illinois, though we didn't win the governor's office.

Carol Moseley Braun is not called "Mostly Fraud" for nothing. She wasn't shunned in the Senate like our current Bleepin Golden Blago pick Roland Burris (An Instant Star!), but she was a real piece of work, even by Illinois standards.

Covering up sexual harassment. Consorting with a corrupt and brutal dictator. Personal Medicaid fraud. And as far as accusing Rahm of going Hollywood:
In its second request, the IRS reported that Moseley-Braun and her 1992 Senate campaign manager (and ex-fiancé) may have used more than $280,000 in political donations for personal expenses. The IRS found evidence that the pair had spent $70,000 on designer clothes, $64,000 on travel to Hawaii, Europe, and Africa, $18,000 on jewelry, $12,000 on stereo equipment, and $25,000 for two Jeeps.
I hold no brief for the Rahmfather, but she was such a lousy and corrupt Senator at the next election her seat turned over to a Republican in Blue Illinois.

Sound familiar?

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