Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rahm Goes Hollywood on Oprah's Plane

Politico. Trolling for celebrity cash to fuel his bid for mayor of Chicago. (Catching a ride on Oprah's new gimmicky UAL plane to commemorate her last season.)

Who will stop the Rahmfather?

Meanwhile, back in DC Obama White House aides are trashing him. Daily Beast. Well, I guess they can't blame Bush any more, they're blaming Rahm.

...I'm sure that will work just as well.

P.S. Yes. The House that Rahm built fell down. They were a lot of Blue Dogs who posed as center right, just as Obama posed as a centrist when he ran.

...And thanks for the Blog of the Day link, Legal Insurrection. Republican Senator-elect Kirk was last seen sharing a beer at the Billy Goat with his opponent.

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