Friday, November 26, 2010

Liberals are a con artist's turkey farm

Now Sarah's done it! Killing a fish on TV!

Let's fade out of that horror scene for a second and watch the liberals moan about
Sarah Palin killing a halibut.

In public. In front of God and everybody.

This is as bad as not aborting her baby. How could she do this?
She doesn't usually need a teleprompter because she believes what she says.
As people watch the train-wreck that is the Obama administration unfold, they are beginning to realize just how much the press, the politicians and their government has lied to them. There is a dawning realization that being a mayor of a good-sized town gives a person some very useful skills. Taxes, utilities, law enforcement, education, and myriad other things fill a mayor's day. Palin did it for ten years and did it well. It is true community organizing. It is a leadership proving ground with measurable human consequences -- America and America's problems in a microcosm. Palin cut her teeth there and made it to the governor's office, where, brief though her tenure was, she excelled. Her entry into national politics was perhaps premature, but the crucible of the 2008 election cut away much of her naïveté.
And this.

Taking on the Dysfunctional Elites

Palin on point
, time and time again.

P.S:) My fellow Americans in all 57 states, the time has changed for come.

P.P.S. My friend Pundette: Too much Sarah. Maybe. But. Just who the hell do we TEA partiers think we are, anyway. We. don't. want. this. political. class.

...If Chris Christie wants to snark that's up to him. He drops in my estimation. Anyone else who may or may not want to run should welcome her to the fray--or they drop in my estimation as well. What are they afraid of. If they can't debate Sarah Palin openly on the issues rather than send their paid minions out to bloody her up why should we trust them to take on Obama or whoever else the Dems run.

...Looking at the rest of the presumed field I'd better see more guts with honor, and soon...and that goes for whoever heads the RNC as well.

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