Monday, November 15, 2010

maybe he can give speeches about writing books about himself

Jennifer Rubin's suggestion for the post-presidential Obama era. May that day come sooner rather than later.

But we won't expect him to actually write a book. That would be too boring.

If he builds his library in Hyde Park I'm sure he can rustle up some help.

The still deluded left wants to recapture the magic, but The One's Brain is perhaps too brilliant for us to appreciate:
The conditions are being created for a perfect storm of kooky extremism -- on both the left and the right -- in which rationality comes off as vacillation, nuance as elitism.
Meanwhile, Freud is being employed by Politico. Slips from this president. Gee, who knew? While those left behind at the White House search their souls. Snort-worthy.

P.S. At least he's good at doodles. A limited skill.

...In contrast, James Pethokoukis balances the budget in under a minute.

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