Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some news with your chocolate. Climb Every Mountain Edition

Chocolate Ganache Tart. One of Martha Stewart's 61 pies for Thanksgiving.

Right now I'm not thinking Thanksgiving so much, I'm thinking chocolate.

Now for some news. NY Times reviews Sarah Palin's Alaska, which debuts tomorrow, with grudging respect. It's odd:
“Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which begins on Sunday, is odder than that. The snowcapped mountains, pine forests and shimmering lakes are majestic, the Palin children are adorable, and the series looks like a travelogue — wholesome, visually breathtaking and a little dull. In a way it’s like “The Sound of Music” but without the romance, the Nazis or the music.
Well, we know who the villains are lurking in the background:) As for romance, well--are you serious NY Times? Climbing every mountain with Todd?

The Washington Post has wandered off to Fargo, near the geographic center of North America, doing their version of Travels with Charley.

This is how the PC media relates to the rest of America, the one shown in red on this map.

Do they all wanna get away from the Dem DC debacle? Not so fast. Travels with Barry wrap-up.

The president may enjoy our country's decline but count me out.

I'm defending chocolate pie in America today.

...A little music to live by, over 40 years later: More. Via Memeorandum, Sarah Palin's open letter to Republican freshman legislators. Once again she is timely and succinct, laying down her marker to measure the mettle of these new representatives, and legitimately claiming the mantle of party leadership--from outside the beltway.

That is the reason for their success and needs to be recognized. The TEA party conviction and energy is what made the wave so deep and wide across the country. Now we all need to rise up and triumph over the old Washington ways that are killing America.

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