Friday, December 03, 2010

Good Golly Chicago Bone-Deep Corruption Exposed Again

The Sun Times calls it Petition-Gate. Golly Gee. Forged signatures on petitions to get mayoral candidates on the ballot. Usher in Claude Rains, shocked, shocked. Of course this stuff is only coming to light because the Dems who routinely engage in it are trying to knock each other off the ballot. Gee-willikers, who wrote these bs laws anyway--the ones that favor moneyed insiders and/or Machine anointed ones. We don't want nobody nobody sent. Lest we forget, the Sun Times and the Dem machine endorsed Blago for re-election while he was under nine separate federal investigations.

Gee whiz, in Springfield there is actually gambling on the docket. Yessiree Illinois is going to be one big Casino. Chicago one big crap shoot--city-owned. Big Government Big Jule.

And top billing on the ballot for mayor is one U.S. Congressman Danny Davis--who voted against censuring his fellow black caucus member the Dem Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Charlie Rangel--a guy who gave us a real tear-jerker on the floor of the House but didn't pay taxes for 17 years.

Good golly gee. Effing business as usual. Corruption and bankruptcy and bare-knuckled, bare-faced iniquity.

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