Wednesday, December 01, 2010

How McClelland Stuffs Up

Previously on Salon about Rahm and the Dems:
They're sleazy, they're arrogant … and they WIN."
Yes, he likes these guys.

As I recall he referred to TEA partiers as engaging in a bloodfeast. Charming.

Well, the Dems lost this time, Kirk wasn't a tea party darling, but he did respect the mainstream tea party. And he was replacing the bumbling and corrupt Roland Burris. Is this a responsible header?: "How Mark Kirk Re-Segregates the Senate".

James Taranto, WSJ comments: Stuff White People Like. The departure of the only black senator prompts a revealingly clueless commentary.

So, Mr. McClelland, how bout getting on board for redistricting reform.

...and as far as leading the nation, well you may have a point. Just not the one you thought you were making.

P.S. What's the real news here. Yes, it's embarassing. For PC media.

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