Monday, November 08, 2010

A Fair District Map of Illinois

Would it be asking too much?

Illinois is losing population though, due to the Dems' wrecking the state, but they still won the governorship so they get to set the boundaries.

Well, Rep. Luis Apartments Gutierrez was in the news this morning, bigtime. Rezko coughed up some scum. What does his district look like.

But what does the Illinois Constitution say. Marathon Pundit with his take, draws our attention to this:
(a) Legislative Districts shall be compact, contiguous and substantially equal in population. Representative Districts shall be compact, contiguous, and substantially equal in population.
And the state legislative districts are worse. My township was chopped up left and right, north and south. The town meeting is a total joke. And that's by the Democrats' design.

In contrast, Iowa.

And Indiana, which is hardly in the same gerrymandered class as Illinois, is looking to do the right thing, even with the GOP's big win.

Could we have a fair shake, Illinois?

There's another election coming. The state is still bankrupt.

The GOP just won
a congressional district (17th) Dems considered safe, and another is still in play.

I suggest you listen up, Gov. Quinn (D-Madiganistan).

And perhaps the League of (Liberal) Women Voters could tear themselves away from quashing the recitation of the Pledge and earn their non-partisan bona fides.

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