Thursday, January 20, 2011

100 Programs the RSC Wants to Abolish or Cut

The new Republican House voted to repeal ObamaCare with more votes than its original passage, making good on their winning midterm election platform. WSJ:
Democrats are deriding last night's House vote to repeal ObamaCare as "symbolic," and it was, but that is not the same as meaningless. The stunning political reality is that a new entitlement that was supposed to be a landmark of liberal governance has been repudiated by a majority of one chamber of Congress only 10 months after it passed. This sort of thing never happens.
Today, the Republican Study Committee lays down a marker, with a bid to cut $2.5 trillion over 10 years:
If year to year spending is not restrained and no plan to solve the problem with long term unfunded obligations is laid out and implemented, interest on the debt will begin to swallow up much of the annual federal budget. The nation’s ability to finance defense would be constrained to the point of rendering it a second tier world power, or worse, and domestic spending would be so squeezed that the negative consequences are hard to foresee.
Program after program is on the chopping block--we can't keep these going in good conscience. We can't saddle our children and theirs with a bleak and worse future than we were bequeathed ourselves by our parents, the greatest generation.

This is the mission of the TEA party--to get America back on a path to growth and leave a legacy of freedom to live the American Dream anew.

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More. Repeal, Replace, Defund ObamaCare:
The House passed the ObamaCare replacement bill on Thursday by a vote of 253-175, with 14 Democrats voting with all of the Republicans. The resolution directs four House committees to immediately begin drafting solutions to replace the existing job-killing healthcare law.

While the GOP House passed the repeal of ObamaCare on Wednesday, the Democratic Senate is blocking a vote on it. So while the repeal is on hold, the House will begin the the process to defund and replace ObamaCare. [snip]

Upton said that he expects bipartisan support for several of the replacement provisions. “There are a number of areas where I think there is common ground. Pre-existing conditions, shopping across state lines, tort reform -- even the President supported tort reform,” he said. .
... A Principled Fight for Our Prosperity, and Posterity:)

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