Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Roll the Left. Sarah America

They foment their burn the witch media attack. They cling to their botox and their religion. The left gets more out on the edge and exposed every day.
To the business-as-usual politician and/or media hack, she’s simply maddening. So, they respond by saying she’s not smart enough. (Translation: She doesn’t speak our pretentious language.) Or they claim she’s too controversial. (Translation: She stands by principle, even when it’s unpopular.) Or they declare she’s not presidential. (Translation: She doesn’t play by our rules, and that scares the crap out of us.) Or they insist that her TV series proves she’s not a serious politician. (Translation: If she pulls a Reagan, we’re screwed. And why didn’t I get offered a TLC show?)
Hillbuzz on this today, and El Rushbo. The video.

More on the liberal bitter clingers at the American Spectator.

Palin's exploring in Iowa
. Let's roll. More. Politico (Roger former Sun Times Simon, Dem) hackery:
That is probably not sustainable for an entire presidential election campaign in 2012, but one should not overestimate how much the American voter values intelligence.
Hahaha Roger. Call me. Any time. I grant you Bill Clinton, but the others. Nah. But he does say this, which is true:
How much attention should you pay to such polls? Not a lot.
Let's roll. The Left.

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