Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Barack Obama, Gemini Man

The perfect kickoff for the Obama 2012 campaign. This is the Sputnik moment when the rise of the oceans, uh...Fresh from his SOTU, our President Barack Obama blasts off to Milwaukee, motors over to Manitowoc:
I came here to Manitowoc to glimpse that future. It was right here, almost fifty years ago, that a chunk of metal came crashing down to the Earth. It was part of a satellite called Sputnik that set the Space Race in motion. Well, I want to say to you today that it’s here in Manitowoc that the race for the 21st Century will be won.
Some Route 66 history for sale. Sun Times:
Two hot spots along historic Route 66 are for sale, including the Launching Pad restaurant in Wilmington, home to the iconic Gemini Giant statue.
An icon for our time.


pathickey said...

Ann Me Love!

I have dined many a time at the Launching Pad in Wilmington - My wrestlers from Bishop Mac would empty its larders after a meet or match with the Wildcats!

Anne said...


Good to know!

I myself love Lou MItchell's, near the start of Rte. 66.

I just think the Sputnik theme is bizarre. After all, that was the Cold War era where we were worrying about getting nuked.

Innovation was a byproduct.

His approach to both is wrongheaded and backwards.

But you know that, Pat me Pat:)

pathickey said...


Re: Our Sputnik President

How about that Cotton Gin and that assembly line of Hank Ford's - now, how much did the G invest in them there gizmos?

Anne said...