Thursday, January 27, 2011

Belly Up. Housing for Sex Offenders and Dead People

Wonder where your money goes, folks? ABC:
The nation's fourth-largest housing authority spent lavishly on gifts for managers and a party with belly dancers, and its executive secretly spent more than $500,000 in housing authority funds to settle sexual harassment claims, but it allegedly ignored complaints of unsanitary conditions that nearly killed a 12-year-old resident.
Another bloated big government program that becomes a TOTAL ROTTEN SCANDAL. Oh yeah, it's "diversity awareness". Is that what they're calling it these days? This has to rank up there with our subsidizing ACORN with all its willingness to facilitate housing for underage illegal immigrant prostitution--so artistic. More:
In another pair of lawsuits filed this fall, former employees and Section 8 landlords claimed that they were coerced into making payments to non-profit "slush funds" set up by Greene and top aides to fund parties and lobbying.

"He had a lot of power. He was able to spend a lot of money in the right places and maintain that power base," said Pileggi, who is among a group of ten former and current employees who say they were demoted or fired after going up against Greene.
Those good old profitable non-profits who funnel money to pols. Can we cut HUD once and for all?
Finally, the program does nothing to facilitate its goal of lower rents – developers pocket $4 billion in annual tax credits while the rents in the buildings constructed under the program are generally no lower than they would have been in the absence of the program.
We can't afford the waste and destruction. PIGS must have been here.

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