Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clinton of Rahm: Fearlessly Honest

That may well be when he chooses to be but coming from one Bill Clinton, whom members of his own party have called an "unusually good liar" what kind of testimonial is that. But as we see, honesty is very selective:

Chico accused Emanuel of failing a character test for not speaking out about unscrupulous accounting practices at mortgage giant Freddie Mac, where Emanuel was appointed to the board of directors by then-President Clinton in 2000.

Quoting repeatedly from a 2009 Tribune article about Emanuel's time at Freddie Mac, Chico said company executives told the board about a plan to mislead shareholders about the profits the government-chartered company was then reaping from risky investments.

"Running for public office is about having the guts to do what's right," Chico said at his downtown campaign headquarters. "One of my opponents, Rahm Emanuel, likes to talk about 'hard truths' and 'cleaning up City Hall.' He even made an ad about it. But the question to be asked is, 'Is Rahm Emanuel himself willing to tell the hard truths?'"

"It's about character, about who will do what at the time, when something like this is presented to you," Chico added. "And when it was presented to Rahm Emanuel, he chose to look the other way, sat on his hands, took the corporate fees and the stock options, and went away."

Emanuel spokesman Ben LaBolt offered a response to Chico's comments.

"Rahm didn't sit on the audit committee and isn't named in any of the reports on the matter. Again Mr Chico knows this isn't credible," LaBolt wrote in an e-mail.

Emanuel made at least $320,000 for his 14-month stint on the Freddie Mac board, the Tribune reported.

The other day Rahmbo went after Chico.

LaBolt countered that Chico “greased the wheels for his special interest clients” while serving as Mayor Daley’s handpicked Chicago Board of Education president.

“When he began serving on the school board, his clients did $500,000 in business with the city. When his tenure concluded, they did over $250 million in business with the city,” LaBolt said, reiterating a charge that Emanuel made about Chico last week.

“We know his clients gained. The question is, whether the students of Chicago did.”

Chico’s claim that Chicago “can’t afford a mayor who would look the other way” when presented with corruption cuts both ways.

Chico served as Daley’s chief of staff at a time when, federal prosecutors have since proven, city hiring was rigged to benefit the Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO) and other pro-Daley armies of political workers.

Chico insisted Tuesday that he “never saw” what HDO was doing.

“It took years and years and years of federal investigatory power and millions of dollars to develop that investigation to find this activity that was lurking in the shadows,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Dem warlords who run this state are still sitting pretty.
But don't worry about the political leaders. Madigan is making a fortune as a tax reduction attorney, even while controlling state tax policy. Cullerton has a nice deal with that title insurance company. And the Daley boys? Well, the mayor is set to cash in once he retires, Billy is watching over President Obama, and the others are doing just fine.
This is Chicago, the new "nice" city, yeah right.

Actually, I would have preferred Hillary to come back to her home turf, she has a way with words: “people have grown tired of corrupt institutions and a stagnant political order.” Fearlessly honest somewhere else.

...And lemme ask once again--is our favorite Dem son of Illinois...Gov. Pat Quinn...going to run for president...on his record?

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