Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Signs of Decline, Signs of Progress

Our President Barack Obama has an op-ed in the WSJ putting on his happy face again--that he cares about private sector job creation. Is he turning over a new leaf? (Same as the old leaf) But what's happening with his EPA? Yanking coal permits issued years ago, shutting down jobs? Failed and costly green subsidies in Massachusetts fostering solar manufacturing in China? What's happening with American innovation? Facebook forced offshore? Medical progress facing decline?

The innovative edge that brought the U.S. medical technology industry to global dominance may be slipping, according to a study that consulting firm PwC is releasing Tuesday.

In the next decade, the report predicts that China, India and Brazil will experience the strongest gains in developing next-generation life saving products, as capital, jobs and research gravitate toward these growing markets.

"The key finding is that the U.S. is declining when compared with other countries across the globe," said Tracy Lefteroff, a Global Managing Partner of PwC's venture capital practice. ...

The report also touches on increasing demands placed on U.S. med-tech companies by the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates the industry.
It will be a long struggle, but thankfully we can start in the newly-elected GOP House, which will introduce legislation to overturn the costly and dictatorial ObamaCare. And Wisconsin's Paul Ryan is leading on the budget--cutting spending and dismantling Big Government so we have a sustainable future.

And the states, laboratories of policy innovation (or not), offer Americans some choices they're denied in D.C. From the full page ad in the Chicago Tribune Business section above:
Dear Illinois Business Leader,

As you consider the effect of large, new state tax increases on your company's bottom line and ability to hire, I invite you to take a serious look at Indianapolis. The nation's 13th largest city is right next door, offering the same Midwestern work ethic and conveniences--but in a much more stable, affordable, and pro-growth economic environment.
Among them, the city and state have a balanced budget, cash reserves, and a AAA bond rating. Illinois' rating is third world.

Rep. Ryan (R-WI) is on with WLS Don and Roma right now--Congress is not going to bail out the states, and states should be able to declare bankruptcy.

A needed restructuring and ratcheting back of Big Government to give us room to breathe and work, a pushback on onerous regulation, that's the right road to take--if we don't, we lose our future.

More. Cal Thomas in the Chicago Tribune: The tax beast: Contrasts in black and red Republican Governor Mitch Daniels in his State of the State address:

Daniels noted, "Elsewhere state government payrolls have grown, but here, we have the nation's fewest state employees per capita, fewer than we did in 1978." He said that during the current recession "at least 35 states raised taxes, but Indiana cut them. Since '04, the other 49 states added to their debt, by 40 percent; we paid ours down by 40 percent." Other states went into the red, he said, but in Indiana "our savings account remains strong, and our credit AAA."

Daniels spoke of "protecting the taxpayer" and added, "... whatever course others may choose, here in Indiana we live within our means, we put the private sector ahead of government, the taxpayer ahead of everyone, and we will stay in the black, whatever it takes."

We the people.

More. The Hill: House GOP to take first step toward reducing spending to 2008 levels

Via Heritage: Even as conservatives attempt to repeal it, K Street lobbyists have dubbed Obamacare “The Regulatory Lawyer Employment Act.”

The Instapundit: WHY THEY’D RATHER TALK ABOUT SARAH PALIN (CONT’D): States warned of $2,500bn pensions shortfall:
In February, Illinois, which is facing an unfunded pension obligation of at least $80bn, plans to sell $3.7bn of bonds to pay for its annual contribution.
And they still haven't cut spending, are still stiffing service providers, putting early union retirees first. Oh yes, the NY Times thinks Illinois is a model. Let's just say Illinois Dem Gov. Pat Quinn doesn't have the record to run for president...

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