Tuesday, January 18, 2011

guy who thinks it’s sometimes okay to kill born babies if they aren’t “normal” enough loves ObamaCare

Can we call this guy an extremist? Sadly, "we’re actually not a country that decries violence against our most innocent".

Oh, but he's a prof of bioethics at Princeton, so that's OK.

If we can't call this guy an extremist we can't call anyone one.

Except, apparently, Sarah Palin.

Yes, the blood libel media is pristine.

First Alan Dershowitz, now another Dem, former NY Mayor Koch Defends Palin.

And the left's ideological pornography goes on, something I have witnessed my entire life, since I reached the age of reason.
...All they are doing now is waiting for someone, anyone to commit the crime of which we've all already been convicted.
So sorry, lefties, no mea culpa from me.

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