Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dr. and Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) GOP Weekly Address. It's Saturday

Here. Patient-centered reform. Repeal and replace.

Last year's health care and financial reform bills will unleash a torrent of new regulations, making 2011 another record-breaking year.
*** In other news:

Second Graders Perform Sex Acts in Class With Teacher Present

Oakland, California. On the Left Coast. Union-centered reform.

And so it goes in Shreveport this Saturday. Check it out. And thanks for the link. I see more snow coming down out my window.

...oh yeah. Keith Olbermann thinks he's anti-establishment. I see Ed Driscoll picks that up too. But we're supposed to JUST SHUT UP.

Jack Cashill / American Thinker:
Left wing climate of hate and assassination Find
Attempted assassination in Missouri. And we never knew.

My Name is Betsy. I'm a Killer

When Soccer Moms Go Viral

...They cling to their botox and their religion.

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