Wednesday, January 19, 2011

VDH Gently Skewers the Left on Palin

At his Works and Days.

What's with this Dem poll? It must be closer than this if this is the best they can do. Legal Insurrection.

You know, Obama and the Left turned our RINOs into statesmen during these last two years. This unhinged attack, and the transparent, viciously opportunistic sanctimony that now accompanies it hasn't quite united our RINOs. (We've barely heard a peep from any leaders, self-appointed or otherwise.) But it sure has been getting a lot of us off the fence for 2012.

...Perhaps they think it's just a media war on one person. It's not. It's about free speech and the future of this country.

More. Via HotAir, Conservatives4Palin. And James Taranto: Palinoia, the Destroyer. What's behind the left's deranged hatred. Yeah. It's the aging, shrinking number of feminists who can't abide the choice for life. And this is pretty astute:
Liberal women are the active, driving force behind hatred of Sarah Palin, while liberal men's behavior is passive and manipulative. In this respect, feminism has succeeded in reversing the traditional sexual stereotypes. If this is the result, you have to wonder why anyone would have bothered.
Because what the rest of us see in all this is the closest thing to evil in supposedly civilized people. Yes, they cling to their botox and their religion.


yukio ngaby said...

Yeah, I liked Jacobson's analysis too. Although I think he might be a little too optimistic. Smear campaigns do work.

That's a good point in mentioning the silence of many Republican leaders. Very interesting.

I guess Newt is too busy going full-bore in Iowa and New Hampshire. What's Romney's excuse?

Anne said...

Good point. Where's the leadership?

Romney is being cagey in Iowa since the Huckster came in at the last minute and blew him away.