Friday, January 21, 2011

The Huckster Again

Legal Insurrection is asking folks to tell him their thoughts on Mike Huckabee. A worthwhile exercise. The Dem PPP poll is showing him as our leader. HT Memeorandum. I would caution that Romney and the Huckster ran last time on their own platform. Palin has not had the opportunity. Yet. She did make a very telling and admirable move in my view to endorse the Paul Ryan roadmap. That would be a core of Palinomics:) It's pro-market populism.

I went back and found one of my posts, The Abysmal Huckabee, which starts off with an interview he did with the NY Times, a particularly clueless performance. On his part.

I see he hasn't changed too much. NRO has a piece on his recent appearance in NYC. Oh, and he slams libertarians. Let us recall an obscure libertarian governor:)

He is very personable.

He can run if he wants. But the left and the media haven't laid a glove on him so far, nor will they. Unless he wins the primary. God forbid:)

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