Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is Bill Daley Too Big to Fail?

Karl Rove comments as a former chief of staff on another:
It's doubtful that Mr. Obama really shares Mr. Daley's centrist impulses. Over his political career, Mr. Obama has proved himself to be both very liberal and highly partisan. But he is also up for re-election in 2012. He understands he must regain the support of independents who voted for GOP congressional candidates last November by 59% to 38%.
Yeah, he wants those campaign donations from former crony capitalist supporters.

The real test will be whether Daley pushes to rein in the leftist cabinet, czars and regulators the president seems to have unleashed behind the scenes for his second term. Will Bill Daley just be the front man for supposed legislative bipartisanship to smooth The One's reelection prospects--or will he actually be running the place?

As for having someone on board who's actually run a business, this administration is still running a knowledge deficit--Bill Daley's essentially been a lobbyist his entire career. Too big to fail looks safe, no comfort there. Who will bail out the U.S?

And the Daley clan's Chicago Machine state of Illinois is already a failure of epic proportions.

“In Illinois, politicians don’t even pretend that their deficit borrowing is to preserve essential programs, like for the needy,” says Jim Tobin, head of the National Taxpayers Union of Illinois. “The money is to keep paying union benefits that the state can’t afford.”
It's the Chicago Way, gone to Washington.

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