Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recognizing Pernicious Faith-Based Leftism

Even as those shot were being rushed to the hospital or covered as they lay, the Left led by the NY Times' Paul Krugman and abetted by establishment network and print media whipped up a Salem witch trial atmosphere, maliciously insinuating Sarah Palin and all Americans who seek open debate are murderous.

This will not stand.

We know this is only the latest in a long line of, yes blood libels, by the left, as they seek to equate heartland Americans with deadly despotism. Michael Barone:

Systematic political assassination can be effective, with horrifying results, as the examples from Germany and Japan show.

And the example from Pakistan shows that President Obama, his administration and members of Congress have a very difficult problem on their hands, more difficult since the sudden death last month of our hugely able diplomat Richard Holbrooke.

Suggestions that the shooting in Arizona are of the same ilk as these examples is something of a blood libel against the politicians of all stripes in our country and of the American people. No American politician, no significant segment of any political movement, no statistically identifiable share of the American people wishes the violent death of its political opponents.

But this is an article of faith by the high priests of leftist orthodoxy, even as their Tuscon feeding frenzy exposes their view of their fellow Americans, unhinged from reality. Daniel Henninger, WSJ, "Why the Left Lost It".

The ivory tower elite is in snarling retreat. Their dark thoughts have consumed them.

P.S. Note to Tribune. I suggest you think twice before including more of (your sister publication) LA Times' crap in the paper here or online. Better yet, divest yourselves of them. They drag your reputation, such as it is, in the gutter. Also here, here--The LA Times is *worried* on our behalf! RedState. Patterico out on the Left Coast.

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