Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pro-Life Millennials Come of Age

More abortion clinics are closing.

It's been coming on for a while--you could say a generation. An increasing number of Americans describe themselves as pro-life:

Steve Phelan, communications manager for Human Life International, has hope for the future of America and its growing supporters for life. Based in Front Royal, Va., HLI is currently working in 105 countries around the world.

“This is something we see internationally,” he says. “Once abortion and other elements of the culture of death really take root in a culture, there is always this advance in the culture of death. Then at a certain point people realize — and it’s always from the bottom — what is going on and they try and reverse it.”

He considers that part of the recent spike in pro-life support is a response to aggressively pro-abortion action by the Obama administration and Congress.

“A lot of times when you see a spike it is united opposition to something,” he explains.

Thankfully the Catholic Bishops voted wisely for their new leader. After ObamaCare, who could be taken in again.

More questions on the abortion industry.

Kathy Ireland on Abortion.

Who could fail to see the light on life if they chose to look.

More. Deo Gratias. ...without respect for life, freedom is in jeopardy

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